Your child can develop his or her full potential

Ministry of Learning Enrichment and Tuition Centre holds the basic belief that every child is unique and different. Children are all born with different talents and giftings, and varying academic potential. Through expert guidance, personalised attention and generous care, they all can achieve their fullest academic and non-academic potential. In the right learning environment, we can nurture them to develop a deep passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. This is the core mission of Ministry of Learning Enrichment and Tuition Centre   – to help them grow to become wholesome individuals ready to serve the nation and beyond.




We encourage active learning experiences with our low student-teacher ratio classes paired with an interactive, collaborative and stimulating learning environment, while instilling sound habits and mental attitudes to help students handle any form of academic requirement confidently.




Our innovative teaching methodologies empower
our students to seek enjoyment in learning new knowledge and exercise wholesome mindsets and values that will help them succeed academically,
and adequately equip them for work and life.

How do we achieve that?

Our FOUR-E approach is designed to provide every child with the best possible teaching and enrichment they need to excel in their studies now and in the future. Beyond that, the values and attitudes we instill in them will serve as a strong foundation for them to be accomplished future leaders of the nation.




By offering effective teaching and learning resources developed by our team of former MOE and NIE curriculum educators, our students are powerfully enriched with knowledge, skills and qualities to enable them to flourish in their learning and future.




We aim to inspire our students to rise to design their own future with purpose and passion, paving their way to assume wholesome and honourable roles as future nation-builders and leaders.

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