Teaching and Learning Framework

MoL’s outcome-based approach encompasses the following:

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    Subject Content
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    Learning Design
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    Materials and Resource Development
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    Assessment Practice
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    Modes of Teaching Delivery

By placing our students as our central focus in all that we do, we ensure our tuition and enrichment services fully serve the unique learning needs of each student at different learning ages. This is aligned with our current and future national directions for education and training.

A Learned Scholar with Well-Developed Academic Finesse and Skill Mastery, and a Deep Passion for Life and Living

We offer in-depth coverage of all major academic disciplines in Singapore such as pure, applied and social sciences, mathematics, languages, as well as accounting and social studies.

Our students are taught by tutors who are highly knowledgeable in their specific field of expertise. Our tutors adopt multiple modes of content delivery and teaching strategies to engage and guide students to ensure their time with us is enjoyable, effective and productive. We provide our students with the best opportunities to succeed and excel in all that they are meant to be, do and accomplish in their lifetime.

Knowledge & Skills

MoL offers a wide range of discipline-based tuition and enrichment lessons for different learning ages. Through our series of well- structured lessons designed with progressive learning stages in mind, we expect our students to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of foundational knowledge and deep understanding of specific subject topic(s).
  • Skillfully apply discipline-based knowledge in the form of facts, concepts, theories, principles, procedures, and methodologies in their contexts and in connection with the world around them, in the community, and in professional and global systems.
  • Exhibit all aspects of knowledge, understanding and application of discipline-based vocabulary, terminology, conventions, equipment, instruments and apparatus, processes, methodologies, techniques and procedures, and discipline-based contemporary technologies that is relevant to the specific field of study, subject area or subject topic.

Competencies & Capabilities

  • The ability to flexibly approach the study of each discipline according to its own established ways of generating knowledge and application of skills.
  • The ability to recognise and articulate the relevant knowledge and skills for immediate successful application in current times.
  • The ability to use and apply learnt knowledge and skills to meet some form of future learning requirements.
  • The ability to identify, gather and sort appropriate discipline- based resources and materials, and use the available, appropriate or relevant technology tools to undertake extended inquiry for personal study and revisions.

Approach of the Heart & Mind

Our approach towards developing the heart and mind to the study, acquisition and application of discipline-based knowledge and skills begins with cultivating an appreciation and love for academic learning whilst increasing students’ capacities and appetite for academic learning at the same time:

  • Keenly focus and concentrate on the study or inquiry task at hand, and pay attention to the quality of effort and work outputs from moment to moment.
  • Take pride in wanting to acquire deep understanding of the content and learning issues, as well as take joy in having mastered a skill proficiently and learnt what needs to be learned in the specific field of study, subject area or subject topic.
  • Adopt an excellent spirit in all manner of study and learning pursuits, and be willing to give the best effort to achieve the greatest possible outcomes or results.
  • Persist when learning challenges or difficulties surface during the process of studying and learning, and be willing to consider and seek alternative opportunities or different ways to improve actions, outcomes, results, or performance.