Deep Learning Competencies

Our aim at MOL extends far beyond helping your child excel academically.
We seek to prepare our students for school, career and life through deep learning experiences.


We strive to mould individuals who are ‘confident, effective communicators and active’ listeners; ones who use language to inspire and uplift their peers and those around them; people of sound character who exercise compassion, grace and humility.

Critical Thinking

To develop a problem-solving approach when evaluating information and forming arguments by experimenting and reflecting before taking action on their ideas in the real world.


We will build strong social, emotional and intercultural skills by giving students team activities that will help them manage team dynamics and challenges.

Servant Leadership

We nurture children to become the best version of themselves. We raise them to live out their calling as leaders no matter what career path they choose. They will rise up in positions of influence and leadership to leave a positive mark on the environment they work in.


We will foster well-rounded leaders by encouraging students to consider and pursue novel ideas and solutions, and teach them to ask the right questions.


During their time at MOL, our team of educators will help to shape ‘forever learners’; students who are open to considering new ideas and viewpoints that are different from theirs, while standing firm on personal values.


To cultivate a ‘global’ mindset in students by encouraging understanding of diverse values and worldviews. The global citizen exemplifies moral courage and humility by choosing to do good even if it goes unnoticed, and treats all human beings with respect, kindness and sincerity.