Key Elements

Approach of the Heart & Mind

Students’ internalized values, attitudes and mindsets towards learning can greatly influence their willingness to learn in any learning and life circumstance, as well as their motivation and desire to do well in any endeavour. Since positive outlook towards active learning throughout life can be learnt and shaped from a young age, MoL places huge emphasis on the facilitation of positive values, attitudes and mindsets of learning that underpin and guide the successful acquisition and application of knowledge and skills, and demonstration of competencies and capabilities in all learning circumstance in our lessons. At MoL, we believe the early cultivation and nurture of positive values, attitudes and mindsets of learning will prepare our students to adequately triumph in all affairs pertaining to life and living.


Knowledge & Skills

Our students acquire a body of information, facts, concepts, truths and principles in a specific field of study, subject area or subject topic through different forms of structured learning methods and processes at MoL. Our lessons are designed to help students develop and enhance deep understanding of what they know, as well as develop in-depth meaning to what they are learning and make meaningful connections of what they know with the world around them. MoL provides our students with customized learning opportunities to apply what they have learnt to specific general and specific situations and contexts. Through sustained forms of learning engagement, interactions, and deliberate practice during lessons, students develop mastery of general and specific skillsets to meet varied learning needs for school and life.

Competencies & Capabilities

A learning task is usually performed to serve some form of learning needs or goals, or to achieve some form of successful or effective outcomes. While a competency is an observable and measurable ability a student currently possesses to do well in a learning task, it can also be demonstrated where the transfer of learnt knowledge and skills is expected in new situations. At MoL, customized learning opportunities are given to students to develop relevant competencies to meet general and specific task requirements, needs, or goals. Any current level of abilities can see and yield progressive measures of increase if subjected to further experiential training and deliberate practice. Our students’ capabilities of highest potential can be harnessed through MoL’s workshops that provide more opportunities for students to stretch current level of abilities and adapt new abilities to meet higher levels of task requirements, needs, or goals.