Learning Experiences

  At MoL, we endeavor to provide a learning environment that is interactive, collaborative and stimulating in nature. Our tutors understand the sum total of the internal and external circumstances and influences surrounding our students that can affect their learning.


  • Our physical learning spaces provide a safe and conducive environment for participation, inquiry and collaboration.
  • Our external social and cultural influences in the classroom support positive interaction and edified relationship among tutors and peers.
  • Our teachers will help to grow the internal motivational and socio-emotional competencies of each child.

Students enrolled in our lessons are given guided opportunities to develop their unique talents, broad spectrum of socio-emotional, cognitive and intellectual abilities, and learning skills, facilitated by tutors who care about building up their academic progress and holistic growth and development in a safe, edifying and nurturing learning environment.

Diagrammatic Representation of MoL 3-Spaces Model