Primary Chinese

Curriculum Focus

Complement MOE current syllabus in the weekly lessons.

Focus on formative education and situational learning.

Enrich your child holistically with the exposure of Singapore Chinese and China cultures.


  • Lessons facilitated by skilful and caring teachers.
  • Encourage Chinese language usage in formal and casual settings so that learners can communicate effectively in all situations and audiences.


  • Comprehensive curriculum that spans from pre-school fun learning to adult conversational in Mandarin.
  • Lower primary students able to experience hands on and experiential activities for situational oral interactions.
  • Build strong foundation in Chinese grammar and lexicology.
  • E-video in preparation for oral examinations.
  • Practices aligned with SEAB TOS and examination format.

Learning Framework

  • Customized small group lessons to suit learners’ varied learning needs and usage of Chinese Language.Bloom’s Taxonomy Questioning in comprehension reading practices starting from Primary 2 to acquire reading skills.
  • Visible thinking for composition writing, systematic formation of content and language expression to nurture competent writers.
  • Specific and constructive feedback given to students to encourage self-directed learning and peer assessment for confident-building.
  • Word recognition games, storytelling, Chinese Cultural Immersion, prepares them well beyond examinations to lifelong learning and appreciation of Chinese language and heritage.

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