Primary English

Language is the fundamental tool for effective communication. At MOL, we aim to build each student’s foundational knowledge with key principles and elements through interactive lessons. These lessons will allow students to explore words, phrases and sentences, and give them the skills to analyse text elements and grammar models. With this teaching structure, we aim to give our students the confidence to express themselves without fear of making mistakes.

Our Curriculum


Our Teaching Approach

Our English programme uses a three-prong learning approach—integrated, instructional and interactive. For the integrated approach, we focus on using reading (comprehension) and writing (composition) to create meaning (grammar and conventions). For the instructional approach, we will teach students how to analyse texts to find specific information, explore new vocabulary through games, and learn how to make inferences based on experiences. Finally, in our interactive approach, students will engage in collaborative work with their peers to read, spot conventions, share resources and make meaning from texts to test their level of understanding.